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NITO, made up of INDEPENDENT music industry professionals including artists, agents, managers, event staff and touring crew, is calling on Congress to provide relief to US based small business by including the RESTART Act on the next pandemic relief bill.  Help save independent agents, managers, artists, staff and the entire independent music ecosystem. Go to […]

Erased from live show history

While supposed to be enroute to kick off an eight week European tour with Social Distortion, I, like so many others, have spent the last 10 weeks quarantined at home. An unprecedented time during which I’ve been trying to maintain an income stream for my artists now that their touring season has been erased from […]

Street Dogs Forever! Forever Street Dogs!

This is not an easy post for us to make so we’ll just gonna spit it out- What makes these shows (with Flogging Molly this March on the West Coast) so special for @streetdogsofficial is that our first shows out of Boston back in 2003 were opening for Flogging Molly in upstate NY. Fast forward […]

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