Brooklyn Larry


Big D And The Kids Table

“There are people who want to be in a band and then there are musicians.” – David McWane

Once in a while a group comes along that decides to make music simply because they have no other choice – they are addicted musicians. For nineteen years Boston’s Big D and the Kids Table has proven just that, showing they truly are the DIY kings who are ‘Built Up From Nothing’. McWane describes the group as – “Modern American gypsies” and you will feel just that during their explosive touring cycle this 2016.

Big D and the Kids Table has paved their own way spreading their explosive music to The States, England, Europe, Canada, Mexico, Japan, China, Australia and South East Asia since their beginning in 1996. Starting as a ska-punk band they have released over 13 albums ranging styles of dub, thrash, reggae and their own concoction Stroll: hopscotch, double-dutch, northern soul.

Explosive live shows come from explosive personalities. Big D has always been celebrated as their listener’s friend and an equal. Their merit allow has allowed the band to live strong though out many changes in the music world.

“We’re exactly what you need,” vocalist David McWane says, “we want to wake up the masses, remind the people that they’re more than just alive; and make their Mondays into Saturday nights. Lovers of our sound better get ready, because no one’s gonna help them in the front row of these coming tours. If you wanna relax – head to the back, because this is gonna be fun” | | @bigdboston