Brooklyn Larry


Sick Of It All

Formed in Queens in 1986, the band released their first self-titled EP on Revelation Records and began to accumulate a strong local following by playing famous clubs like C.B.G.B.’s. Soon after, the band released their first full-length record “Blood, Sweat And No Tears” on In-Effect Records. Often revolving around politics, social injustices and life on the streets of New York, the band wore their heart on their sleeve and made no apologies, often including threads of positivity. When their second album “Just Look Around” was released in 1992, it was a benchmark for the band and the New York Hardcore scene, and kicked off their globe-trotting expansion with tours in Europe, South America and Japan. They released their breakthrough album “Scratch The Surface” in 1994 on Atlantic, followed by “Built To Last” in 1997. After releasing three albums on Fat Wreck Chords (including a live album and a collection of rarities) the band took on the challenge to push themselves further. “Death To Tyrants” was the band’s first cooperation with Century Media and was mixed by renowned metal producer Tue Madsen (The Haunted, Heaven Shall Burn, Dark Tranquillity) adding a refreshingly heavy edge to the band’s trademark NYHC sound. In 2010 the band released “Based On A True Story” and they re-recorded a bunch of SOIA’s classic for the 2011 releases “Non Stop”.
In early 2014 the band began writing songs for their new album and later that year, in May, they once again  teamed up with Tue Madsen for the recording of “Last Act Of Defiance” another “straight-up, old-school New York hardcore masterpiece”. The album was released on September 29th 2014 in Europe and September 30th 2014 in North America via Century Media Records. | | @soianyc