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Looking for a label for my bands first album I Scream Records was founded in 1994, in Brussels Belgium. Over two decades later, I realize that we have been fortuned to have worked with an amazing bunch of artists. Some of them even the bands that got me into music when I was a teenager. I manage New York Hardcore legends Sick Of it All, Boston’s own Street Dogs, and Murphy’s Law, to name of few, I plays the drums with Skarhead, and develop solutions for today’s music & entertainment community.  


On December 16th 2010, during one of our episodes of the Black N’ Blue Takeover featuring Danny Schuler from Biohazard and Joey Z from Life Of Agony, Danny “interrupted” the interview to tell us, and all the listeners, that I was to be named Larry, just like any other American, which I am obviously not, named Lawrence (which sounds the same as Laurens). That name later got upgraded to Larry from Brooklyn, by my friend Petey, which he eventually turned into Brooklyn Larry.




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It’s been almost two weeks since we’ve given users, friends, and family an update on what’s been happening with So here goes… Gigs, etc. The wheels are beginning to turn! Some early gigs have already been completed, and ninjas have been paid about $12.5k through the system so far! As the community continues to […]

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Very opinionated about the music industry. Mostly serious but some days humorous with a well deserved hint of sarcasm. At the end of the day it’s all about doing business, having fun and, hopefully, help out a few people along the way.

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