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Dr. Know Benefit in NYC!

OFFICIAL STATEMENT – We raised $25,000.00 towards Dr. Know’s medical expenses at the Tompkins Square Park Show yesterday. With 2,000 people in attendance the event was an incredible success. The three of us worked for many months to set up the show and it far exceeded our expectations. Thank you very much to the many people who worked hard to make this very special event happen, from the people who set up the stage and did security to those who went around and picked up trash after the show and everyone in between. Most of all thank you very much to the many people who came out to support this great event, you know who you are! There’s a lot of talk about “Back in the day” and “New York’s not what it used to be” but obviously those people stayed home to be in front of their computers yesterday. The spirit of hardcore is alive and well and living in New York City the greatest city in the world. Thank you for the support and we will see you soon, New York Hardcore lives! – Laurens Kusters (Black N’ Blue Productions), Drew Stone (The New York Hardcore Chronicles) & Joseph “Cuz” Cammarata (Black N’ Blue Productions). 

Photo by Helena Van Leirsberghe